24th January 2006
The J-L Vilgrain Group has chosen the e-securemail service to secure its messaging systems
The global company J-L Vilgrain Group has been protecting its emails since July 2004 with Secuserve’s service: e-securemail.
J-L Vilgrain Group is a global food-processing company. It operates in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and in the United-States of America. It has almost 10,000 employees. The group messaging system is essential for its productivity and communication. It must, therefore, be constantly available and secure.
The existing system
Mr Jacques Julien is COO of the Sominfor Company, IT consultancy firm of the J-L Vilgrain Group. He is head of a 10-employee team in charge of managing the whole computer system of the group and more specifically its messaging system. This represents 200 mailboxes spread between 17 domains.
The challenge
Mr Julien remembers what the situation was like before e-securemail: "We had anti-virus/anti-spam software installed on every computer, a Domino server and a SMTP relay. All this was managed by three employees. However, our front-end server was overflowed with unsolicited emails. As a result, our messaging system suffered from several denials of service (DoS). Users received huge amount of spams and this security system was very time-consuming for our staff".
The solution
"To address this issue we considered installing an anti-spam appliance. However, we soon decided to outsource our email security to a specialized company; this would allow our teams to focus on their core activity. After studying the offers of the different companies on French market and after a 1-month trial we have finally chosen Secuserve and its e-securemail service. The Secuserve Company that is specializing in messaging system security offered the necessary commitment and experience to secure our emails", also says COO of Sominfor, J-L Vilgrain Group
The outcome
Jacques Julien states that "every day we receive almost 100,000 emails. 97% of these messages are blocked before they get into our network because they represent a threat: spam, email bombing, virus… Our IT teams are saving time, more relaxed and less worried about the security of our messaging system".
Stéphane Bouché, CEO of Secuserve, explains “the e-securemail service is a managed email filtering service. It allows our customers to block ever-evolving email threats without investing in hardware or software. Emails sent to our customers are analyzed in our datacenters thanks to technologies we keep on improving and enhancing. On top of the 5 anti-virus engines and 6 anti-spam engines we have recently added a new system preventing email bombing: ABS (Anti-Bombing System). Moreover, all our services are subject to stringent Service-level Agreements (SLAs) and confidentiality clauses”. “While the security of our customers’ messaging systems is being taken care of by our teams and services 24/7, customers can increase their productivity and focus on their core business”