Your malicious link detector 


What is ProtectLink ?

ProtectLink is an advanced feature that analyzes URLs contained in the emails you receive, at any time, after you click on a link. Its purpose is to check URLs and identify phishing attacks, in order to block access to phishing sites and protect you against any inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information.

How it works ? 


URL customization

When ProtectLink is activated (for the domain or a filtering group), each link contained in an email is customized upon its arrival in your inbox. This means that each URL is rewritten in a personalized form, adding an extra layer of security.

Link analysis

Link analysis is done in real-time, meaning at the exact moment you click on a link in the email. Even if the email was received some time ago, the URL check will occur at the click moment, ensuring you constant and proactive protection.



If a potentially dangerous link is identified, ProtectLink will immediately inform you of the potential risk by blocking access to the dangerous page. This helps prevent any security risks and protects your personal information.

Detection of Suspicious Links

To provide you with optimal protection, ProtectLink uses artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to detect potentially malicious links or those associated with known phishing sites.

Why do we recommend this feature?

With ProtectLink, you benefit from enhanced protection against phishing attacks and other online threats. We've designed this feature to give you a safer, more serene e-mail experience, where you can interact with your e-mails in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that we're always looking after your security.



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