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Ten Golden Rules: Email Cybersecurity

A new year begins, so let's adopt new resolutions to secure your email!   Discover the 10 golden rules of #email #cybersecurity, and evaluate the…

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Analysis of a Phishing Case

How e-securemail operates in this case !   Phishing is one of the most common cybercrime techniques. The method involves stealing personal and/or…

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White Book DNS Secuserve

Ensure the security of your professional messaging with DNS!

Ensure the security of your professional messaging with DNS !  The crucial objective of Secuserve is to raise awareness among our employees about…

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Subscriptions to informative communications

Secuserve recently released a new feature on its V8 console. Users now have the ability to subscribe to our various newsletters, technical alerts,…

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Communities Facing Cyberattacks

In 2022, French local authorities are increasingly confronted with cyberattacks, endangering their operations and the security of citizens' data…

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Secuserve RGPD Chart

Madame, Monsieur, Les données personnelles que vous nous confiez, que nous traitons dans le cadre de la livraison de nos services ou que nous…

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