Emails have become essential tools. Threats related to their use are real and constantly evolving: viruses, spam, phishing, email bombing, bandwidth saturation, messages that may damage your brand image and legal risk. Addressing all these threats requires knowledge and constant monitoring.
  • 95% of emails are spams, phishing or threats
  • Everyday 5 to 10 new viruses or malwares appear on the internet every day
e-securemail guarantees an evolving protection and a constant email filtering solution, whatever threats may be.

Implement the security solution you want

Defining a messaging system security and utilization policy is necessary. However, implementing and managing such policies may be very tedious and requires lots of human, material and financial resources.

Very high-level security

A significant variety of complementary technologies scans every message, so we can ensure optimal security. Those technologies are tested and updated on a regular basis..
  • Incoming and outgoing message filtering
  • 4 anti-virus engines
  • 16 anti-spam technologies complementing each others
  • Redundant technological infrastructures
  • Auto-adaptative and auto-learning system
  • Messages sorting [PUB, SOCIAL, NEWS, VIP, PERSO, INTERNE]
  • Intelligent relaying and continuity (read booklet e-securemail Advanced)
  • Automatic extraction of attachments : module MAX, eMail Attachment eXtractor.
  • Messages reemission possible within 30 jours
  • Anti-spoofing filters and email DNS compliance control : SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI.
  • ZERO-DAY attacks detection and blocking
  • HUMail technology: all kinds of threat blocking by humanity verification (test de Turing)
  • 100% compatible with Microsoft365, GMAIL, ZIMBRA, BLUEMIND and others...
  • Both individuam and centralised consols for messaging management
  • Centralised signatures management : UNISIGN
  • Right to disconnect
  • ...

How does it work?

All technological infrastructures of the e-securemail service are managed 24/7 in highly-available and secure datacenters. Every email your company may send and receive is redirected towards Secuserve. Emails are then automatically scanned, filtered and processed according to your security setting.

Service-level Agreement

E-securemail customers benefit from Service-level Agreement (SLA). Financial penalties are imposed on Secuserve if SLA is not respected:
  • Processing time for an email is below 60 seconds*
  • 100% anti-virus protection
  • 99% anti-spam protection
  • False positive rate is below 0.01% (i.e. 1 message out of 10 000 is falsely considered as a spam)
E-securemail guarantees the best possible protection, reduces your bandwidth usage and increases your users' productivity
* For a message not exceeding 2 Mo