22nd September 2010
The Louis Dreyfus Armateur Group chose to secure its emails with e-securemail
Since March 2009 the LDA Group protects its emails thanks to Secuserve’s service: e-securemail.
For over one century drybulk transportation has constituted and today still remains the main maritime activity of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. Ever since it has been founded in 1893, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has built, owned, managed and operated vessels able to load Drybulk cargoes.
The existing system
Messaging system has become an essential tool to the activities of the LDA Group. This is why it has invested in a redundant messaging infrastructure based on Lotus Domino.
The challenge
To make sure its 500 mailboxes were protected, LDA decided to let an expert take care of its email relaying and filtering. What is specific about LDA is that the group works with companies from all over the world. Some of those companies have ISP with poor SMTP reputation. So it was necessary to find an efficient and flexible company offering filtering service in the cloud.
The solution
On real production emails and communications the LDA Group has tested various services such as Webroot or Postini; the group has finally chosen Secuserve.
Mr Farrugia remembers: “The administration console of e-securemail offers a great variety of features and an appropriate granularity which enabled us to adapt it easily to our specific situation without downgrading the level of security and the quality of service. The convenient and user-friendly administration console made the difference with its competitors. Moreover, after a trial period of one month on a series of domains we were convinced by the quality of the spam filtering service. The responsiveness and competency of Secuserve technical support and specialists teams in charge of messaging systems also convinced us. This was not the case with the other services we tried”.
The outcome
“So far, more than 10 domains of the group are protected by the e-securemail service. With an average spam rate of 94% the load on our messaging server is reduced. Our IT teams are less worried and can focus on their core activity” concludes the Chief Information Security Officer of LDA.
Stéphane Bouché, CEO of Secuserve, explains: “Since 2003 we have been providing SaaS-filtering services to customers that are more and more numerous (currently more than 2,000) and demanding. LDA accurately represents the challenges our teams have to face: offering very high-quality messaging services 24/7 to more and more important and famous customers”.