12th December 2011
Since 2008 the SEM Volcans Company, which runs the Vulcania Park, has been securing its emails with the Secuserve service: e-securemail.
Vulcania aims at explaining the mysteries of the volcanoes and the Earth by combining attractions with knowledge, and emotion with science. Construction of the park has been financed by the Conseil Regional d’Auvergne (Regional Council of Auvergne), the State and The European Union. Since it opened in 2002, the park has welcomed more than 3.7 million visitors.
The existing system
Messaging system has become an essential tool to the activities of SEM Volcans. This is why it installed a redundant messaging architecture based on Microsoft Exchange 2003. The park was successful right from 2007. Because of this, IT teams under Mr Thierry Olivier’s management had to process and filter more than 60,000 messages per day with very stringent availability and responsiveness requirements for the operating teams.
The challenge
The decision to outsource anti-spam/anti-virus filtering and email relaying has been made at an early stage. The SEM Volcans had several bad experiences with American companies that had level 2 & 3 technical supports only available in English. As a result fault repair times were significantly longer. This is why the e-securemail service of the French company, Secuserve, has been chosen.
The solution
Mr OLIVIER remembers : "After conducting an in-depth market study and an evaluation of the main solutions we have eventually chosen the French company Secuserve because for the same budget it offered a perfect user experience".
Stéphane Bouché CEO of Secuserve adds: "We are proud to provide our expertise, since 2008, to the SEM Volcans Company that operates the Vulcania Park, a symbol of the French geological heritage and tourist attractions. As with our 2,000 French and European customers, we allow staff members of SEM Volcans to focus on their business, save time and reduce costs without any trouble"..
The outcome
"One of the advantages of the e-securemail service is to block the 96.5% of unwanted emails we usually receive, upstream from our bandwidth. Despite the amount of emails we send and receive, we never get any spam” explains head of IT department of Vulcania Park. résultats filtrages
Stéphane Bouché, CEO of Secuserve, concludes:"Thanks to our Service-level Agreement, local presence, the French location of our datacenters as well as the great responsiveness and quality of our technical support we can offer innovative cloud messaging and communication services to bigger and bigger customers wishing to maintain good system integration and control over their information system"..